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Dear friends!!

If you are here, then you are interested in the European integration of Ukraine.

In the autumn of 2013, Ukrainians loudly and unambiguously declared their civilizational choice. Further tragic events in Kyiv and Russian aggression, the purpose of which is to prevent the return of Ukraine to the European home, only confirmed its correctness and motivate to work harder to make Ukraine's movement to the West irreversible.

For us, Europe is, above all, its fundamental values: freedom and dignity. Moreover, a democratic society, respect for human rights and economic freedoms, to which Europe is committed, can improve the financial situation of citizens.

By fulfilling the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, we create the Ukraine, which at different times was dreamed of by different generations of Ukrainians. It is a prosperous state with freedom and the rule of law. This recipe is not new. The path we are now following has already been taken by many countries that had similar problems and aspirations.

Regardless of whether you are a “Euro-optimist” or a “Euro-sceptic”, you will find on this website information about Ukraine's achievements on the way to a free Europe, as well as a reasonable refutation of the myths about European integration.

The Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, which fully entered into force on September 1, 2017 after final ratification, is the largest international Treaty that Ukraine has concluded in its history. It is also the greatest agreement the EU has ever made with third countries. This is a document that contains a detailed plan of reforms of our state in almost all areas. For your convenience, we have structured the largest areas of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU.

On our website you can always find up-to-date and comprehensive information from the primary sources about the efforts made for the European integration of Ukraine by the President, Prime Minister, Verkhovna Rada, ministries and agencies involved in this great work.

Join our work, because European integration is our common cause! We would be grateful for your good advice and constructive criticism.