Mining and metals

Main content and commitments of Ukraine

Mining and metals are considered in the Chapter 10 “Industrial and enterprise policy” and Chapter 11 “Mining and metals” of the Association Agreement.

Article 381 of the Agreement provides for a development and strengthening cooperation in mining and metals industries with a view to promoting mutual understanding, improvement of the business environment, information exchange and cooperation on non-energy issues of the spheres, relating in particular to the mining of metallic ores and industrial minerals.

According to the Article 382 of the Chapter 5 of the Association Agreement Ukraine and the EU exchange information on the situation, perspectives of development, securing of sustainable development and measures in order to facilitate the restructuring process in mining and metals.

Association bodies

Cluster 2 of the EU-Ukraine Subcommittee on Economic and other Sector Cooperation of the Association Committee

Responsible bodies in Ukraine

  • Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resourses of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
  • State Statistics Service of Ukraine

The state of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation and cooperation with the EU

Certain results were achieved in the area of information exchange:

  • conditions for responsibility increasing during the using of the national-level natural resources were created according to the EU standards;
  • documents for the information exchange on the licenses for the mineral resources exploitation, volume of the natural resources extraction, their deposits, regions of extraction, mining companies, legal and regulatory basis, fiscal regime, capital investment, mining share in the economy were prepared;
  • Draft Law of Ukraine “On the securing of transparency in the mining sector” was developed and scrutinized with the EU experts and are being considered by Verkhovna Rada.