Cabinet of Ministers has approved the introduction of COVID-certificates in Ukraine: how they will work

The Government has adopted a resolution on the introduction of COVID-certificates. This is a digital document that will confirm the status of the citizen about vaccination, the negative result of PCR tests and the status that the person has recovered from COVID-19.

The development and technical implementation of COVID-certificates are jointly carried out by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Health, the National Health Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Tax Service. The document is developed taking into account international requirements - EU Digital COVID Certificate of the European Commission.

"Ukraine has managed to build effective processes for the rapid development and introduction of certificates. Previously, similar international projects in Ukraine and around the world used to implemented for years. We are constantly monitoring the implementation of COVID certificates in the EU and worldwide. This is the first time that in such a short time countries must develop universal information exchange systems, agree on cooperation, test innovations," said Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

All patient data is included into the electronic healthcare system. The document can be generated in the Diia application or on the portal. And then also get a paper certificate from the doctor.

COVID certificates will work like the other documents in the Diia. You can check if the certificate is valid by QR-code. This is convenient, because we do not need to introduce additional special equipment for checking.

"In April, we initiated joint work with European Commission Vice President Věra Jourová on the compatibility of Ukrainian and European COVID certificates. Therefore, we are one of the first non-EU countries to have a productive dialogue on this issue. It is symbolic that our international certificates will start working in test mode from July, along with the general launch of such documents in the European Union. They are our ticket to the opportunity to use the visa-free regime amid coronavirus restrictions," said Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna.

Ukraine is among those countries who were first to start communicating with the EU team regarding the introduction of COVID certificates. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Digital Transformation is negotiating with countries on mutual recognition of international certificates. We constantly receive up-to-date information, adapt the technical part to it. After passing the technical inspection by the EU, a full launch of the functionality will take place.

"Vaccination is a ticket to return to the usual rhythm of life, without quarantine restrictions and severe progress of the disease. At present, anyone wishing can get vaccinated at mass vaccination centers. All vaccination data are included into the electronic healthcare system. Therefore, when a person has completed the course of immunization with COVID-19, namely, received 2 doses of the vaccine, it will be possible to generate a vaccination certificate in the Diia application or on the portal, and in the future also to get it from a doctor," said the Minister of Health Victor Liashko.

And on July 1, the Ministry of Digital Transformation together with partners launches beta testing of COVID-certificates. People who have already received 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in Ukraine can join. About 10,000 users have already registered. One can become a beta tester by following the link:

All relevant information for travel of Ukrainian citizens abroad - conditions of entry and transit, contacts of embassies and consulates of Ukraine abroad - is available on the online map of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine