The best foreign universities will be able to open branches in Ukraine

The government of Ukraine has regulated the circumstances of the creation, reorganization, and abolition of branches of foreign higher education institutions in Ukraine.

Ukraine has officially joined the Agreement on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe

Cultural routes is one of the ways of European cultural cooperation

Governmental Committee chaired by Olha Stefanishyna approved a plan to implement a communication strategy in the field of European integration for 2021

According to Olha Stefanishyna, the agreed communication strategy plan will help improve raising awareness of Ukrainian citizens about European values and standards as well as fight against misinformation discrediting relations of Ukraine with the European Union.

The European Commission has approved an updated draft decision of the EU Council on the signing of the Common Aviation Area Agreement

The next step is to submit the draft to the EU Council for consideration and its final approval.

Ukraine introduces a customs information exchange system with the EU allowing to minimize abuse at customs

Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna stressed that Ukraine had fulfilled 100% of all obligations assumed under the Association Agreement with the EU in 2020 regarding the work of the customs service.

Olha Stefanishyna: We count on Berlin to become a powerful advocate of Ukraine's economic integration with the EU

The Ukrainian-German economic dialogue is a success story. This was emphasized by Olha Stefanishyna, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, during her speech at the 4th German-Ukrainian Economic Forum.

Government has approved an intergovernmental agreement between Ukraine and Slovakia to resume the operation of Uzhhorod Airport

This agreement will allow to restore the full functioning of the airport and connect Zakarpattia region by air with other regions of Ukraine, as well as internationally.

Presidents of Ukraine and Lithuania signed a Joint Declaration on Ukraine's European Prospect

The Joint Declaration fixes the support of the Republic of Lithuania for the European prospect of our state.