Last year Ukraine exported more than 20 thousand tons of milk and cream

In 2018, Ukraine exported 20 814,9 tons of milk and cream. Import of those products ammounted to 1 325,7 tons.

An all-Ukrainian open online lesson “Europe begins with you” will be held on May 15

During the lesson senoir school students will be able to learn more about European democratic values and European integration of Ukraine.

"European integration: the power of opportunities" – the Government summed up the results of the information campaign

The Government House held an event dedicated to summarizing the results of the information campaign "European Integration: the power of opportunities". The campaign, which lasted more than a year, was initiated and implemented by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine with the support of a number of partners. Its purpose is to explain and popularize the practical advantages and opportunities that Ukrainians already have or will soon receive from the European integration course of Ukraine.

International high-level event on the development of digital infrastructure was held in Odesa

During the event, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yurii Lavreniuk presented the main steps for the development of digital infrastructure of the Ministry.

Ukraine can become a sector Member State of the EU Single digital market after the implementation of the Integration Roadmap

Annex XVII-3 provides that the parties, after Ukraine implements the relevant legislation, take a joint decision that Ukraine becomes part of the internal market of the EU. It means that Ukraine is essentially becoming a sector Member State of a certain EU market. This format is already used in relations with Turkey, as well as with the countries of the European Economic Area.

More than 27 million Ukrainians chose family doctors

70% are satisfied with the specialist chosen

State Fiscal Service has deepened cooperation with the EU

One of the steps in this direction is the adoption in the near future by Ukraine of the law on the introduction of the Institution of the Authorized Economic Operator.

Ukraine has an official ProAID International Technical Assistance Coordination Portal

The portal contains full updated data base of international assistance projects and programs in Ukraine.