Scientific cooperation

Main content and obligations of Ukraine

In accordance with the Chapter 9, Title 5 of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, the Parties shall develop and strengthen their scientific and technological cooperation in order to contribute both to scientific development itself, and to reinforce their scientific potential for the resolution of national and global challenges.

Responsible bodies of Ukraine

  • State Space Agency of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
  • State Regulatory Service of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Expected results

  • Increasing funding for research and technological development;
  • Increasing in the share of budget expenditures on research and technological development
  • Increasing of order of private companies for scientific and technological development;
  • Strengthening the intensity of scientific contacts between Ukraine and the European Union;
  • Expanding Ukraine's participation in EU research programs;
  • Increasing of productivity of research activities;
  • Strengthening of Ukraine's Innovation Capacity;
  • Improvement of introduction of innovations in the national economy.

State of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation and cooperation with the EU

  • In March 2015, Ukraine gained the status of an associate member in the EU program “Horizon 2020”. The relevant agreement between Ukraine and the EU was signed in March 2015;
  • Within the EU “Horizon 2020” program, the European Commission launched a program of assistance to countries that want to audit their own system of research and innovation — the Policy Support Facility;
  • The provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activities” are actively being implemented. The Law came into force in January 2016, and was adopted with the aim of modernizing the legislation in the field of scientific and scientific-technical activities, bringing it closer to the principles that govern this sphere in the EU members states;
  • Establishment of the National Council for the Development of Science and Technology of Ukraine in order to coordinate the joint efforts of scientists and authorities (the Cabinet of Ministers) in shaping the state policy in the field of science and strategy of its development;
  • Creation of the National Research Fund of Ukraine, the main task of which is the competitive financing of scientific research on the basis of transparent and qualitative expertise, including the involvement of foreign specialists;
  • Ensuring the integration of the national research area into the European research area by implementing its priorities;
  • Ensuring an increase of the share of grant financing for science. Particularly, the goal is to allocate 1.7% of GDP to science from 2020, and to ensure an increase of the amount of science financing at the expense of all sources to 3% of GDP by 2025 - an indicator determined by the Lisbon Strategy of the EU;
  • The Agreement on renewal of the Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on scientific and technological cooperation was ratified;
  • A draft law “On Support and Development of Innovation Activities” was developed and agreed with the EU experts;
  • The Order of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Approval of the Plan of Measures for the Implementation of the Concept of the state policy Reform in the Innovation Sector for 2015-2019” was adopted;
  • The main European networks for establishing cooperation and negotiations with them are determined;
  • A draft Concept for the development of a national technology transfer network was developed;
  • The Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine on the exemption from the compulsory sale of foreign exchange earnings from international technical programs and projects was developed and adopted.
  • The Procedure, which defines common standards for independent experts and expert groups of certification to determine the effectiveness of scientific (research, scientific and technological, scientific and technical, scientific and practical) institutions (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 19.07.2017 No. 540), was approved.
  • On July 16, 2018, the first meeting of the Coordination center for the implementation of the EU framework program for research and innovation "Horizon 2020" was held in Kyiv. The Commission for the selection of Ukrainian representatives and experts to the program committees of the program "Horizon 2020" selected 21 representatives and 23 experts to the program committees "Horizon 2020". Participation of Ukrainian representatives and experts in the work of program committees will provide the following opportunities: 1) to participate in the discussion of the program "Horizon 2020" in the relevant areas, participate in the formation of working programs of the current competition program; 2) to influence the consideration of Ukrainian interests in the program, form proposals on relevant and necessary for Ukraine research topics and 3) to make proposals and join the process of discussion of the next 9th framework program of the EU for research and innovation.