European Integration
EI is the rapprochement of Ukraine with the European Union both at the level of laws and customs existing in society. Its ultimate result should be accession of Ukraine to the EU.
Словник перемовин про вступ до ЄС
Fundamentals of the European integration
Institutional mechanism of the European Integration
European Council
  • summit of the Heads of state or government, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission
  • gives the necessary political impetus for the development of the Union and sets its general objectives and priorities
  • does not legislate
  • based in Brussels
Council of the European Union
  • acts together with the European Parliament as a legislature
  • shares with the European Parliament the budgetary power
  • ensures coordination of the broad economic and social policy and sets out guidelines for the Common Foreign and Security Policy
  • concludes international agreements
  • located in Brussels
European Parliament
  • acts together with the Council of the European Union as a legislature
  • shares with the Council the budgetary power
  • exerts the democratic control over the institutions including the European Commission and approves the Commission members
  • plenary sessions of the European Parliament are held in Strasbourg and Brussels
European Commission
  • is the executive
  • submits proposals for new legislation to the Parliament and Council of the European Union
  • implements policies
  • administers the budget
  • ensures compliance with European law
  • negotiates international agreements
  • based in Brussels
Court of Justice of the European Union
  • ensures the uniform application and interpretation of European law
  • has the power to decide legal disputes between member states, the institutions, businesses and individuals
  • based in Luxembourg
European Central Bank
  • forms together with the national central banks the European System of Central Banks and thereby determines the monetary policy of the eurozone
  • ensures price stability in the eurozone by controlling the money supply
  • based in Frankfurt
European Court of Auditors
  • checks the proper implementation of the budget
  • based in Luxembourg