Partnership with EU Digital integration

Digital integration

Main content and commitments of Ukraine

The digital market covers the provisions of the Association Agreement on electronic commerce, telecommunications services, IT services, audiovisual media, copyright and related rights, and personal data protection. Here, in recent years, Ukraine has taken a number of steps for regulatory and legal convergence, but the progress is insufficient and does not keep up with the pace of updating EU legislation.

In 2022, the Agreement on Ukraine’s participation in the EU program “Digital Europe” (2021-2027) was signed, which is part of the digital visa-free regime with the EU. It provides financing for the digitalization of European countries in various directions. The participation of countries in the Program involves the payment of contributions. However, the EU exempted Ukraine from paying them in 2021-2022 and provided a 95% discount on financial contributions during 2023-2027.

Association bodies

Cluster 4 of the Subcommittee on Economy and Other Sectoral Cooperation of the Association Committee between Ukraine and the EU

Responsible bodies in Ukraine

  • Ministry of Economy of Ukraine;
  • National Bank of Ukraine;
  • State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

Expected results:

  • 01

    The goal of "Digital Europe" is to speed up economic recovery and digital transformation. Participation in the Program will bring Ukraine closer to the EU's Single Digital Market.

  • 02

    The total fund of the Digital Europe Program is 7.5 billion euros. About 6 billion euros are provided for the financing of projects in the specified and available directions of the Program for Ukraine. They will be allocated for 7 years.


  • High-performance computing – 2.2 billion euros. Projects that compute large amounts of data for decisions in the field of economy, health care or defense industry can be submitted here.
  • Artificial intelligence, data and cloud services — 2.1 billion euros. Projects that create products based on artificial intelligence to facilitate the work of enterprises, state administrations or research institutions can be submitted here.
  • Digital skills – 580 million euros. Projects that create opportunities for acquiring new skills in the IT field can be submitted here.
  • The use of digital technologies in the economy and society – 1.1 billion euros. Projects implementing digitization in business or in the field of e-government, health care, environment, education and culture, Smart City technologies can be submitted here.
  • Cyber security (area closed to non-EU member states).