Partnership with EU Public procurement

Public procurement

Main content and commitments of Ukraine

According to the EU–Ukraine Association Agreement, Ukraine provides fair and transparent public procurement of goods and services, modernizes its tender procedures according to the EU Law. The main purpose is to create competitiveness in public procurement in order to get the best offer for taxpayers’ money.

Association bodies

Association Committee in Trade Configuration

Responsible bodies in Ukraine

Ministry of Economy of Ukraine

Expected results

  • 01

    Enhancing and strengthening bilateral cooperation, providing sufficient administrative capacity of the central executive body in charge of the economic policy and tasks in public procurement.

  • 02

    Further harmonization of Ukrainian legislation on public procurement to the most recent EU Law based on the public procurement strategy.

The state of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation and cooperation with the EU

  • Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted The Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement” (dated 25 December 2015 №922-VIII);
  • Open procedures and competitive selection are provided exclusively by the electronic system (ProZorro);
  • Dozorro portal for the monitoring of public procurement by creating a unique database of real assessments of purchasers, suppliers and individual tenders started his work;
  • The EU and Ukraine discussed the issue of the integration of public procurement web-sites in order to provide extended access to information on procurement both in Ukraine and in other countries, possibilities for conducting of the system analysis by the EU TED Information System for Public Procurement;
  • Ukraine joined WTO Agreement on government procurement (18 May 2016 Ukraine acquired the status of a full-fledged member of the Agreement);
  • In compliance with the provisions of the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Resolution (dated 24 February 2016 №175 “On the Public Procurement System Reform (Roadmap)”.